Friday, 18 September 2015

Musings for a new beginning

Friday, 18 September 2015
After a long, tedious and interesting almost eight years of study away from home, I can finally say that  I have won the battle of  Graduating with Masters of Architecture.  As I  now prepare to fight the next battle on my war towards becoming an Architect, I am starting this blog as a pensive to pour my thoughts, inspirations and musing into.

 What I plan on achieving on this blog:

  1. a record of how my job searching is going
  2. create a collection of Architecture that inspires me 
  3. architectural competitions that I enter
  4. drawing archive
  5. collection of interesting buildings around Australia
  6. pictures of Kyrae, Akkiko and Nikodemus - yes my furkids name's first letter spell out my surname
  7. food recipes
  8. drama reviews

                That's should sum up about everything for now. I'm off to go get my parents and brother from the airport via public transport- that should be interesting.

                Till next time :)
                Keep your head up. Keep your faith.

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