Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Then & Now : Still Chasing the Dream

Tuesday, 15 November 2016
As some of you already know, I graduated from University in September 2015 with my Masters degree in Architecture. I had technically finished all my university modules by February 2015 but the University does not allow you to apply for the  March 2015 Graduation. This meant that I had to wait till the September 2015 ceremony which was good. As it meant that on paper it looked as though I had gotten a job straight after I graduated. The one problem I faced in Perth (Western Australia) was that every architecture firm was looking to hire people with experience but no one was willing to give a fresh graduate a chance. My first jobs were not exactly architecture related. I worked as a model maker and a bartender for a brief period after finishing my units prior to landing my first  architectural job
Model made whilst I was working as a model maker.
Towards the end of September, I finally had a break through an landed an architectural job. It was a small firm that mostly focused on industrial, commercial and internal fit-out of shopping centres. It was a good experience because I had the opportunity to follow projects of different scales during different stages of design and construction.

During the middle of 2016, the architecture industry in Western Australia started slowing down and a lot of Architectural firms started making staff redundant.  Naturally, graduates were the first to be made redundant. Unfortunately for me, I was one of those graduates.

As a Graduate Architect with only two years of experience going back to job hunting was not as bad as when I first started. Looking back in hindsight, I am kind of glad that it happened at the time that it did.A few weeks into being "funemployed",  I had to put my dog down. It would have been a very difficult period. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason.

Three weeks after being made redundant, I landed my second Graduate Architect job. This current firm specialises in  education and religious architecture which is something I had no experience with. They are also involved with a lot of government work so the drawing setup is different to what I was used too. I am  currently on a three month probation period and the pay is slightly lower than my last job. So far it has been an interesting learning curve and I will update you on my progress over the next few months.

Below is my 5 year timeline from when I graduated. From my experience, everything that I've planned to do since I've graduated has not gone the way that I had wanted it to go. I have learnt to take things as they come and solve problems one step at a time and that it is okay to change your plans if you circumstances change.

Last but not least I leave you with a quote and an introduction to the other archi-bloggers posts below.
This post is part of the ArchiTalks series in which Bob Borson of Life of an Architect selects a theme and a group of architects from all over the world  post on the same day and promote each other’s blogs. This month’s theme is Then & Now. I chose to talk about what I wanted to do after graduation versus what actually happened, the twists and turns my journey has taken and the plan for 2020.

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