Tuesday, 10 October 2017

To do or not to do ?

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Poster credits to Architecture Australia September/October 2015.I thought this was a rather perfectly timed poster to put in since it was issued the same month and year that I graduated.

It seems like lately I've been doing alot of thinking and re-evaluating of where I want my career to be in the next five years. Generally,  I  have noticed that there has been this darkness looming around and finding something good to believe in has become increasingly hard.

This has  made me question what my purpose in life is ?

I strongly believe that if I had the power to make change I can make a difference and that the change has to start with me so as I take a plunge to start studying for the A.P.Es.

I leave you with the rest of the crew who will give you their perspectives on how registration works in America. This was yet another monthly addition of the  ArchiTalk  posts that was pioneered by Bob Borson of Life of an Architect

For September, the topic is The Architectural Registration Exam has been nominated by Meghana Joshi and below is the link to the rest of crew.

Matthew Stanfield - FiELD9: architecture (@FiELD9arch)
What is the Big Deal about the ARE?

Lee Calisti, AIA - Think Architect (@LeeCalisti)
what A.R.E. you willing to do 

Lora Teagarden - L² Design, LLC (@L2DesignLLC)
Take the architect registration exam, already
Eric T. Faulkner - Rock Talk (@wishingrockhome)
ARE - The Turnstile

Brian Paletz - The Emerging Architect (@bpaletz)
I forget

Jeffrey Pelletier - Board & Vellum (@boardandvellum)
What is the Benefit of Becoming a Licensed Architect?

Kyu Young Kim - J&K Atelier (@sokokyu)
Every Architect's Agony

Keith Palma - Architect's Trace (@cogitatedesign)
Test or Task

Jim Mehaffey - Yeoman Architect (@jamesmehaffey)
Passing the Test

Mark Stephens - Mark Stephens Architects (@architectmark)
Part 3!

Ilaria Marani - Creative Aptitude (@creaptitude)
How to Become a Licensed Architect in Italy

Jane Vorbrodt - Kuno Architecture (@janevorbrodt)
Seven Years of Highlighters and Post-it Notes

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