Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Life is a gamble that depends upon your choices

Wednesday, 13 December 2017
As 2017 comes to a end, I am reflecting on the choices I've made so far. Most, of them have lead to  me arriving at one conclusion, that life is a gamble, #jaypark reference, that depends upon the choices you make. Sometimes you win,  sometimes you lose, other times you have to fold but at the end of the day you pulled the trigger so its your responsibility to accept the subsequent consequences.

This year it definitely feels like majority choices I made were loses but I can definitely say after re-evaluating them that there were some positives that came out of this experience. I'd like to share what I've learnt from my experiences:

  1. Don't just take a job because you need money - you will loose your passion for the craft and that will make you feel miserable
  2. Trust your gut if all else fails eat some cake 
  3. Taking risks are good as long as they do not compromise your values
  4. Work culture is just as important as the job description
  5. Trust your ability and know when to walk away when someone undervalues you
  6. Don't be afraid to asks questions even if these make you seem silly

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!! I will see you guys in the new year with more content and more exciting news.Till then, I leave you with the link of the rest of the crew's post to the topic of Choices which  has been nominated by Me.

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